Meet Maarten (33): a well connected all-in sport enthusiast and profound hockey player. Moreover, he loves to play football, tennis, squash, golf and every other ball game. Cheerhub is his footprint to the world of sports. His everlasting perseverance and eagerness to outplay himself defines his winning attitude and contribution to the team.    

Maarten champions creating innovative solutions for both consumer and B2B brands. His key strength lies in making his vision a reality by building it on a strategic understanding of consumer behaviour and desires, in order to deliver transformative new products and services.

CEO & Co-Founder 

Meet Jadran (45): a tech savvy who spent countless hours in front of his Commodore 64 and in early years continuously working with complex programming languages. Jadran is passionate about making life easy with technical applications. Online there should be no hassle, no frustration, just happiness and smooth sailing. He wants to be the architect of a scalable application which continuously pleases millions of people online.

His deliberate practice as developer over the last 30 years makes Jadran an extremely proficient software engineer. As the seasoned chief techy he is the man to create a path for sharing amateur sports online.

CTO & Co-Founder

Meet Bane (42): a man with a mission. When he starts on something new, he doesn’t stop when it’s done. Learning new things (especially technology), creating the best architecture for a scalable platform is his sports. When he owns all the knowledge he wants to teach talents and other enthusiasts becoming the best out there.

Over the past 20 years he has built numerous platforms that are used by millions of users with real-time communications. His passion for building quality and extremely scalable platforms and guiding a team for building our platform, excited him to join Cheerhub in making it a success.

Back-end Architect & Co-Founder

Meet Laurens (39): A proud husband and father of 3. He loves to build stuff with a long term perspective. Innovation, emerging and disruptive technologies are his passion. He is an entrepreneur in the tech sector for 10+ years and an experienced CFO. He likes short-term decision-making being a result from back calculated future scenarios. This means that his mind is often about numeric analysis, cause-effect scenarios, backward engineering and thinking (at least) two steps ahead. Data, facts and figures are leading for his plans although he considers people and communication to be the main assets for successful execution. He loves commitment, focus and determination to realize long-term objectives. Based on a direct, result, data-driven and practical approach.


Meet Alena (22): while sup-ing, zumba-ing and horseback riding, she’s been around the world. She knows people, communities and (business) cultures. Alena loves connecting people. Her interest in the lives of others makes her the best moderator for this community. And a superduper promotor with years of experience she gets the message across. Online and offline. The world will know Cheerhub. Promised 🙂

Community Manager